Assessment of Context

Our project was sponsored by Texas Instruments. If TI continues to develop our project, it has the potential to impact them in several sectors.    

Currently, delivery infrastructure makes up the backbone of commerce. Millions of planes, trains, and trucks traverse countries, cities, or neighborhoods to ensure consumers receive their packages each and every day.  Our project was to design a drone delivery system and deliver an open source platform that uses TI products. This could revolutionize the delivery infrastructure of the world since our project can be used by companies that may not have had access to the technology prior to our efforts. Whether it’s pizza, groceries, or just something purchased on Amazon, people will be able to receive their purchase rapidly and with considerably less effort from the company.

For our sponsor, our project also has the ability to economically impact them. It could increase the profit and reach of TI. Since we have accomplished a proof of concept, TI can market it as a viable product and even expand on it further. We worked on a limited budget and had to balance quality, cost, and time in our decisions. TI has the capability to use better products and better qualified experts. This would improve the quality of the final product which would be a selling point for TI. Also, TI could use our project in delivering their own products and providing a quicker and higher quality service to their customers.

There is a potential for an environmental impact due to our project. Our deliverable was a drone which will directly interact with the environment. Our drone could crash and cause physical damage to property or personal injury. It will also impact the environment positively as our delivery system will leave a smaller carbon footprint than other traditional systems. Drones typically utilize electricity whereas traditional systems use trucks and planes which use gasoline.

Our project could impact our society directly. With services like Amazon Prime that deliver purchases in the same day becoming so popular, it’s becoming a social norm to not have to wait and our product can speed that process up. With the delivery system becoming quicker and more efficient, the cost of goods will go down which means society as a whole can spend more. Since goods are being delivered more quickly, then projects which use these goods can also reduce their schedule thus spreading the efficiency of our product throughout society.  

Overall, our project has the potential to affect our world on many levels. This will only happen if the project is developed further.  Once it has been developed to practical standards, it will shrink the world so everyone is a little closer.