Our ethics have helped shape our design. Largely by defining who we hold a responsibility towards: our corporate sponsors, our academic mentors,  our team, and our end users. Our corporate sponsors, Texas Instruments or TI, gave us design requirements which we are obligated to follow and meet to the best of our abilities. Our academic mentors are meant to oversee our project and ensure we are meeting the expectations of the sponsors and the curriculum. We have a responsibility to them to produce results and deliver those results to them. Our responsibility to our team is to each other and the team as a whole. We have all invested ourselves into this project and have claimed different portions of this project for ourselves. It is only when we combine our efforts and our abilities that we can produce a successful project. We owe it to each other to do our best so this project succeeds. Another obligation we have is toward our end users – the public. Our drone could present as a potential hazard to the public and we have done our best to minimize this risk by committing to testing in environments less populated. They are also our end users and we owe it to them to create a reliable and safe product.

Our team also wrote individual takes on parts of the code of ethics engineers are responsible towards that were important to them. Those papers can be found here.

Code of Ethics:

ASME – c8a9370f6632/SocietyPolicies_15-7_Ethics.aspx