Project Introduction

This delivery system will be able to autonomously and reliably deliver lightweight items to a location up to 3 km away. This project is in partnership with Texas Instruments and serves to help with the commercialization of their products but there is a much wider target audience than just TI. This project can serve any company that allows online ordering or utilizes delivery.

The final product will be a drone, approximately 1 m in diameter that can lift at least 6 kg and can accurately deposit this payload at a GPS location within a small geographical area. For the purposes of testing a payload and to eliminate variability in package size, we are designing the drone platform to carry exclusively pizza at the moment.

Through this project we will develop project management skills, and the interdisciplinary nature of this project will also provide the opportunity to practice collaborating with people who have a varied knowledge set in order to create a final product. We will use everything we’ve learned at SMU in this project in order to have a final product that is a positive reflection of our time here.